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Teapot Twist…..

Teapots have been so popular through out the years.  We must have had 30 different molds, some plain shaped and some very decorative.  There were teddy bears, fairy, Santa, fish, oh just to name a few.  The plain shapes were … Continue reading

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Rusty beginnings……

I just can’t toss them out!  Over the years, these canning jar rims have been so helpful to me.  They have worked with me and protected my yearly harvest with out complaint.  I just couldn’t tell them they were old, … Continue reading

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What do I do with it now?……

I love broken odds and ends.  Weird? hmmmm yeah it is to quite a few people.  I just have a really hard time discarding run down, broken, or distressed items.  Our kids now call and ask if I would like … Continue reading

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Oh My Gourds 2…….

Okay, so I decided to go very simple for my first attempt at painting the egg sized gourds.  If you search the web, you will find some supremely elaborate designs and some of them are stunningly beautiful.  Not knowing how … Continue reading

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Oh My Gourds!

Gourds and more gourds!  There are so many different types, I was amazed! We have grown quite a few different ones just for fun.  They are beautiful and colorful additions to the Thanksgiving decorations as well.  Two years ago we … Continue reading

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Yo-yo’s on parade….

It has begun!  The fabric, clearance of course, has been assembled.  The crafting calendar has been cleared so that I can devote my free time to a Christmas project for myself.  Truly, a weird sensation I must say, I hardly … Continue reading

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Grape Stomp

Grape Stomp you say?  Yeah, it is harvest time here in Wine Country, Sonoma County, California!  The annual Harvest Fair was in full swing over the weekend.  In it’s prime, the fair was a huge event.  Petting Zoo, apple exhibits, … Continue reading

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