Enough already!

Enough already!  I admit it to you and to myself, I have been silently enduring a form of depression.  There I said it out loud, whew that was very hard to put out there.  Pity Parties, can’t stand em! as you know.  All this baggage has accumulated while I was working at rehabbing my wrist.  Which consequently, I beat.  My wrist is getting stronger every day.  Unfortunately it is like a weather vane, it swells up and gets stiff whenever there is a change coming, lol.

I am a introvert, yes very much so.  I prefer solitary pursuits to social engagements, true enough.  It is also true that just working with the public for 4-6 hours a day drains me for the rest of the day!  I look forward to coming home to the quiet and my animals.  Usually I can get a ton of chores finished before Steven comes home, not so much right now.  That was really the tip off to this lethargy.  That’s what I’ll call it “Lethargy” !  It has dogged me for a year now and I need to kick it to the curb.

Deciding, is a power in it’s self.  Motivation, another power, now to implement this deciding motivation.  Have you ever heard someone, say ” Just pretend you know what you’re doing!”  Well, that is exactly what I am going to do.  I am going to turn on upbeat, dancing, singing at the top of my lungs music and power through this!  Something will click and I will get out of my head and get into the creativity that has always grounded me.

This post is the first step,  it feels good to be at least talking to myself again, lol.  The physical therapist told me at the beginning of our sessions, “Muscle memory is not a memory stored in your muscles, of course, but memories stored in your brain that are much like a cache of frequently enacted tasks for your muscles.”  I needed to keep repeating the movement, the muscles would remember and I would get stronger with repetition.  Well that is what I am going to do with now.  My brain is the biggest muscle I have and I am going to remind it of the things I love to do and then repetitively do them.

Before long I will be right as rain, time to kick “Lethargy” out the door………….  Cyn

It is time to show this “Lethargy” the door…………….  Cyn


About designbycyn

Sonoma County, California ceramic enthusiasts Cyn and Steven Gradek have worked in the clay medium since 1996. They had a retail store where they held classes and provided the essentials for fellow ceramic enthusiasts. The business evolved into producing for other retail outlets and artist. Which quickly grew and they closed the retail storefront and concentrated on the wholesale business. With their 3 children raised and on their own, they had time to pursue their own creativity. Cyn learned how to embroider from her Grandma Cirner at a young age. After that she found sewing, cross stitching, crocheting, well you get the jist, LOL. She hasn't met a craft that she hasn't liked. Blogging was suggested by her youngest daughter, Colleen. At first it was a battle to get her to try it, but eventually Cyn started to enjoy the exercise. The blog on Cyn's website designbycyn.com was limiting, so Colleen got her started with Wordpress. Hope you enjoy her Adventures with Creativity!
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