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Ready for winter…..

Come on rain, sleet, wind, and frost, we are ready for you now!  No more frozen pipes and no more unsightly pump housing.  We only have to paint and roof.  Ha Ha, I say we lol, I mean Steven is almost finished. … Continue reading

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Okay, you tell me…..

Trust my gut, that’s what I need to remember.  I should know this by now, but no I keep second guessing my instincts.  My first instinct had been white strings for the balloons, then I thought well they might not show … Continue reading

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Motivation comes in so many forms.  Music, nature, your children’s needs to name a few.  As I have mentioned before, I sometimes get bored with a project that takes too long.  Do I have a short attention span?  Nah, I … Continue reading

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A reason to crochet……

While I was in Ireland with my Mom in May, I was able to meet some of my Pop’s cousins in Dublin.  Of the 5 that came to see my Mom, 2 of them (Olive & Margaret) were my daughter’s … Continue reading

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Stained, sealed, and delivered…..

That mammoth chunk of wood has been transformed into a gorgeous table!  Steven was able to get the two coats of stain on it before our first rain of the season. The rest of the job is up to me. … Continue reading

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They proved me wrong…..

Holes dug, check; post in holes, check; cement in post holes, check. Now here is where I am really skeptical.  Our son Shamus is going to help his Dad lift that mammoth chunk of lumber on to those two posts. … Continue reading

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This won’t wrought!…..

The umbrellas that all of us have to replace bi-annually, drive me crazy!  It drives me nuts to just throw them away.  Yeah, I know they are pretty much totally recyclable, but for me they just call out to be … Continue reading

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