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Not Just Another Teapot!…..

Here is another post I made as a guest.  This one is from 2012.  I just love how this project turned out!  One of my favorites…. See what you think….. Cyn Just this past fall, I had a teapot that … Continue reading

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Camping Lesson, Be Ready to Laugh

Since I am stitching away like a crazy woman, I thought I would share an old post.  When I first got started blogging, I guest blogged on my daughter’s blog.  This is a post from August 13, 2013, that I … Continue reading

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Awwe Grandma……

How can you resist?  Awe Grandma, could you please……..  .  Well, it is extremely hard, let me tell you! Being a needlecraft enthusiast, I am always working on several needlework projects.  Cross stitching and crocheting are my personal favorites.  Over … Continue reading

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Remember when……

Oh, I love how creative people take an old treasure and renew it with a fresh new look.  This whole transformation really appeals to my recycle, reduce, renew, and now refresh mission I find myself on frequently.  It depresses me that … Continue reading

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I hate to do this to you all!  It is a quite a bit early for this holiday to be mentioned, sorry.  I had to get a head start though, so I could enjoy this leading up to “Christmas”.  Ooooooh, … Continue reading

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Harvest time…..

I am so excited to see the yield of my gourd plants this year!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the basket gourd seeds.  I was totally bummed about that, having been very free with the basket gourds I harvested a few years … Continue reading

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In Me Jaunting Car, me jaunting car………

Are you still enchanted and have fond memories of movies you watched as a kid?  Oh boy, I sure am.  Not movies on the television, in the theatre!  For me, television was still black and white, with 5 major channels … Continue reading

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Out of my hands…..

Finally, I had to face a few hard facts.  I knew a big decision had to be made, but I wasn’t quite ready to give up yet.  All the signs were there, but you know I am one stubborn woman. … Continue reading

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