Just The Way They Are…..

All the talk around the work cooler lately has been about babies.  There has been quite a few employees giving birth this summer.  All this talk got me to thinking of my own three children.  All completely different pregnancies and all completely different babies.  As an observer of my own children for the last 32 years, I am of the opinion that they are quite a bit like their term and delivery!  I wonder how many other women would agree with me?

Our eldest, Maureen, got comfortable in the womb. So comfortable that by the 3rd trimester I was struggling with a pinched sciatic nerve.  She was sitting indian-style, facing forward, fanny plopped in the birth canal.  I couldn’t walk on my own because we never knew when she was going to wiggle her fanny, set off the sciatic, and send me crashing to the ground.  They tried everything medically possible to move, flip, turn, her.  No dice.  She was comfortable and peaceful sitting right where she was!  So, in the end we had a caesarian delivery for our eldest.  To this day, she is as stubborn as the day is long, lol.  She is strong minded, determined, and yeah, I can’t stress the stubborn part enough lol.  She finds what is comfortable and sticks with it.  Makes sense huh?!!

Our middle child, Colleen, was the easiest to carry and deliver.  I really had not a lick of trouble with this pregnancy.  The doctor was not thrilled about me turning up pregnant after having a caesarian 6 months prior.  He anticipated problems that never transpired, thank goodness!  In the womb, she had already started to be a pleaser.  She knew her Mom wasn’t supposed to be in this condition so soon and she was going to do her damnedest to make it easy on me.  She was even one of the first V-backs (vaginal birth after a caesarian birth) to be performed in our area.  The delivery was super easy, I actually slept through most of it lol.  The doctor went home because it was my first vaginal delivery and he was sure that it would be hours before I delivered.  Was he surprised!  Colleen was delivered before he reached home by an emergency doctor.  The last laugh was on him.  To this day, Colleen still is a pleaser.  Unfortunately, she has a tendency to spend so much time pleasing others that she forgets about making herself happy!  LOL, that’s our girl.

Our youngest child, Shamus was eager to grow and emerge into this world.  He decided it was time to make an entry on Valentines Day, about 6-8 weeks early.  Make no mistake, by this time they figured he was already a 9 pound premie and would have easily survived.  The concern was that if he was indeed a boy, the lungs would be under developed and they wanted him to have more time in the womb.  So, I spent every weekend in the hospital while they administered medication to keep contractions at bay and all week in bed doing as little as possible to give the little guy time to develop.

He developed all right, lol.  By the middle of March, the critical time needed for development had passed.  We were given the all clear for delivery to move forward.  Well, first we had to detox, lol.  There were still so much of the drugs left in my system to filter out first!  Oh, and lets not forget that my OB-GYN was due to leave on vacation in 10 days. No pressure, he he he.  As the time for him to leave got closer, Shamus showed no signs of making a grand entrance.  It was decided to strip my mucus membrane away to encourage the onset of contractions.  Now they had Shamus’ attention!  We went home, drank orange juice to give him a sugar high, walked the length of our street and back (neighbors were all on baby watch) did some weeding too.  By that evening we were back in delivery!  Shamus finally had detoxed, had a sugar high, and was eager to say hello!  He had also put on almost another 2 pounds!  OMG, he was in a hurry too!  Two hours later we were holding our 10 pound 2 ounce baby boy.

To this day, Shamus never likes to be late!  He will make sure to get a head start preparing, making sure there is no pressure to rush, and arrive 10-15 minutes early to everything.  I must admit, he is never unprepared.  He has an internal timer, I swear, that he has set ahead so he is never rushed or late.  Unflappable also, well wouldn’t he be after all the patience he had to demonstrate while waiting for the big day.

Think back to your child’s pregnancy, I bet there were some clear tells as to some of their personality traits.  Ours sure did!  It is amazing how fast time passes, but these memories feel like they all happened yesterday!

So important to Steven and I, definitely an important ingredient in the glue that still holds us together after almost 35 years….. Cyn


About designbycyn

Sonoma County, California ceramic enthusiasts Cyn and Steven Gradek have worked in the clay medium since 1996. They had a retail store where they held classes and provided the essentials for fellow ceramic enthusiasts. The business evolved into producing for other retail outlets and artist. Which quickly grew and they closed the retail storefront and concentrated on the wholesale business. With their 3 children raised and on their own, they had time to pursue their own creativity. Cyn learned how to embroider from her Grandma Cirner at a young age. After that she found sewing, cross stitching, crocheting, well you get the jist, LOL. She hasn't met a craft that she hasn't liked. Blogging was suggested by her youngest daughter, Colleen. At first it was a battle to get her to try it, but eventually Cyn started to enjoy the exercise. The blog on Cyn's website designbycyn.com was limiting, so Colleen got her started with Wordpress. Hope you enjoy her Adventures with Creativity!
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