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Promise Kept…..

Thank you to my granddaughter, Keegan!  She reminded me that I owed her for an agreement we made in October.  This reminder couldn’t have come at a better time.  It had been a really tough couple weeks and it provided … Continue reading

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Do you procrastinate hanging frames the way I do?  I can never get them spaced quite right.  The frames all have sundry styles of hardware on the backs and I end up with more holes that frames hung.  Pathetic, I … Continue reading

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Back in the Grind…..

Gosh all mighty!  It is April already, Yikes!  That means that our berries will be blooming in no time and we will be spending each Saturday morning or more picking before it get too hot.  Unfortunately, I still have a … Continue reading

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Ideas strike at the weirdest times, I tell ya.   Very inconvenient when you are in the middle of traffic, or showering, or at the movie theatre.  The notepad in my purse is completely unhelpful in those situations.  Just once … Continue reading

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Bird watching…..

In January, I came down with pneumonia.  I found the sunniest location and set up for the day.  I gathered all the tools of the trade; needles, thread, fabric, scissors, etc. a warm blanket, cell phone (so I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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