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All framed up…..

Slowly, ever so slowly, am I getting my projects finished.  Vacation is around the corner and I had hoped to get more done before we left.  Oh well, on to plan B, cram and go crazy! lol.  Not so awful … Continue reading

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Go ahead try it…..

I dare you to try to kill a butterfly bush!  I have just finished pruning 3 of our 7 butterfly bushes.  I pretty much take them down to nubs, they are buck naked when I am done.  The whole time … Continue reading

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Paver Heaven…..

After some starts and sputters, we have finally gotten this long awaited patio almost finished!  We have lived with a dust bowl outside our back door for quite a while.  We live on a dirt road to begin with, so dust … Continue reading

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New Duds…..

This summer has been very busy!  Between watching the grandkids several times a week, working, canning, gardening, and routine chores, the summer has been slipping by.  As a kid in school, the year dragged by and you measured time in … Continue reading

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A Personal Touch…..

Yeah, I jump from project to project depending on my mood, lol.  Well to be fair to myself, it also depends on how much time I have freed up to dig in.  If you have partaken of any sort of … Continue reading

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What a rind!…..

Finding the right rind is so difficult sometimes!  I mean a watermelon rind, by the by.  I was beginning to worry that I wouldn’t find one thick enough this year either.  What would someone want with thick watermelon rind? you … Continue reading

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Curiouser and Curiouser…..

The bridal shower preparations are firmly underway.  We have our theme and have been working on all the wonky wonderful serving dishes from Wonderland.  Thank goodness we have 2 more months, yikes where has the time gone!  I am trying … Continue reading

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