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Challenge Accepted…..

Being a DIYer has its challenges, truly it does.  I remember when Steven and I did the craft show circuit.  There were always those people who would stop by and admire, then as they walked away you would hear, “I’ll … Continue reading

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The Little Wagon…..

In October, after the last guest left, the hall was all clean for the next event, and the newlyweds were off to Hawaii we opened up 2 gifts left for us by the happy couple.   In one was a … Continue reading

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Full of memories…..

Everyone has things that they can’t live without.  These days it seems that they are all electronic, lol.  Heaven forbid you lose your phone, most of the adults I know have their life on those phones.  What is the first … Continue reading

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Back in time…..

Every time we open up our boxes of Christmas decorations I travel back in time.  A wonderful memory goes with each and every ornament, decoration, and stocking that we unwrap.  While it is a whole lot of time and energy devoted … Continue reading

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Feeling the season…..

Oh, I don’t know how long ago, I showed you how to make quilted round ornaments.  They are a fun and relaxing way to spend free time.  Oh, especially when college football, pro football, or a baseball game are constantly at the … Continue reading

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Cutting it Close…..

Well, some things were not accomplished this season and some things were.  Sadly, the baking marathon that I usually undertake a week or so before Christmas, had to be eliminated from my itinerary.  Decking the Halls, check.  My kids gave … Continue reading

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I think I can, I think I can…..

I feel like the “Little Train That Could” these days.  I have been stitching till I am cross-eyed.  I am a whole lot closer to the top of the mountain than I was a week ago.  I am still chanting … Continue reading

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Awwe Grandma……

How can you resist?  Awe Grandma, could you please……..  .  Well, it is extremely hard, let me tell you! Being a needlecraft enthusiast, I am always working on several needlework projects.  Cross stitching and crocheting are my personal favorites.  Over … Continue reading

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2015 is off and running…..

This is gonna be a great year!  I can feel it.  Starting off healthy and gaining strength daily!  I can tell you, I was so relieved to see the hectic holiday rush behind me.  Being one of the retail working … Continue reading

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Stuff and stuffing……

Steven and I were talking about all the changes and adjustments we have made over the last 5 or so years.  When the economy crashed some years back, the construction industry was the first to feel it.  The work was … Continue reading

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