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Just thought I’d share this event that recently happened.  I had just returned home after staying with my Mom while she convalesced after out patient surgery.  Steven took me out to lunch at our favorite burger joint.  We were so … Continue reading

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The Little Wagon…..

In October, after the last guest left, the hall was all clean for the next event, and the newlyweds were off to Hawaii we opened up 2 gifts left for us by the happy couple.   In one was a … Continue reading

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Full of memories…..

Everyone has things that they can’t live without.  These days it seems that they are all electronic, lol.  Heaven forbid you lose your phone, most of the adults I know have their life on those phones.  What is the first … Continue reading

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Decision made…..

Holy Moly, this was a excruciating decision, but the deed is done now.  No going back.  I realized what had been bothering me about the composition of the wedding guest board.  I stared at it for a long time after … Continue reading

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A Win-Win

As those of you who follow my ramblings know, our granddaughter is very special.  Keegan was born with ACC (click the link to read more about it).   Keegan has taught me more over the last 10 years than I … Continue reading

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Project Linus…..

If you are a crocheter, knitter, or quilter like I am, there are only so many afghans and blankets you can make and keep.  Believe me, sometimes it is so hard to let even one go after so much time … Continue reading

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Patience is a must when tending a garden!  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are flowers and vegetables.  The wait is worth it though.  The anticipation can be just as exciting  for us as for a child at … Continue reading

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