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Easy Breezy…..

Check it out!  The doors have been washed and dried.  Steven has lifted them into their supports.  What would I do without him?  He has always been able to bring to life all of the accessories I’ve needed.  He’s done it … Continue reading

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In the Home Stretch…..

We had some lovely fall showers over the weekend.  Yahoo, I didn’t have to water.  On the other hand I worried that the water would lay over all my lovely sunflowers as they started to bloom.  A conundrum indeed. During … Continue reading

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Paver Heaven…..

After some starts and sputters, we have finally gotten this long awaited patio almost finished!  We have lived with a dust bowl outside our back door for quite a while.  We live on a dirt road to begin with, so dust … Continue reading

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A New Stamp…..

Amazing how far behind we can fall in such a short time!  Steven started to finish our backyard patio over 3 years ago.  He made a huge dent in our large yard at that time.  We were sure that the following … Continue reading

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Promise Kept…..

Thank you to my granddaughter, Keegan!  She reminded me that I owed her for an agreement we made in October.  This reminder couldn’t have come at a better time.  It had been a really tough couple weeks and it provided … Continue reading

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Do you procrastinate hanging frames the way I do?  I can never get them spaced quite right.  The frames all have sundry styles of hardware on the backs and I end up with more holes that frames hung.  Pathetic, I … Continue reading

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Ideas strike at the weirdest times, I tell ya.   Very inconvenient when you are in the middle of traffic, or showering, or at the movie theatre.  The notepad in my purse is completely unhelpful in those situations.  Just once … Continue reading

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