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All things Beatles….

On May 18th, this year, Sirius Radio premiered the “Beatles Channel”.  All I could think of was, “It’s about bloody time!”. (now all I need to be in heaven is a Queen Channel, lol)  Well, I immediately programmed the Beatles … Continue reading

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Bucket Check…..

Okay, I thought as I got older I would have MORE free time, not less.  I am busier today than I was while raising 3 young children, daycare for 5 under age of 5 kids, and working nights!  Seriously!  I … Continue reading

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Full of memories…..

Everyone has things that they can’t live without.  These days it seems that they are all electronic, lol.  Heaven forbid you lose your phone, most of the adults I know have their life on those phones.  What is the first … Continue reading

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Back in time…..

Every time we open up our boxes of Christmas decorations I travel back in time.  A wonderful memory goes with each and every ornament, decoration, and stocking that we unwrap.  While it is a whole lot of time and energy devoted … Continue reading

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W. W. W.

Wood, Weddings, White, are 3 of the “W’s” of this rite of passage.  Right now I am working with all three of those “w’s”.  Our extended family continues to grow rapidly, just this year 2 nephews and 1 niece announced their engagements … Continue reading

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As Promised…..

With the help of my daughter, Colleen and granddaughter, Keegan we pulled off a upscale Mad Hatter’s Tea Bridal Shower!  My daughter Maureen (not pictured) was my rock and help mate during the weeks leading up to the day.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Eye yi yi yi yi…..

What a bumpy ride it has been!    The wedding is now a month away, the bridal shower a week away.  Our time has been scheduled right down to bathroom breaks, he he he.  Steven has given blood, sweat, and … Continue reading

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Falling Leaves…..

One of the best parts of the fall are the leaves.  One of the worst parts of the fall are the leaves, lol.  The colors of the leaves are just gorgeous as they change, giving us such a wonderful display … Continue reading

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Just The Way They Are…..

All the talk around the work cooler lately has been about babies.  There has been quite a few employees giving birth this summer.  All this talk got me to thinking of my own three children.  All completely different pregnancies and … Continue reading

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Camping Lesson, Be Ready to Laugh

Since I am stitching away like a crazy woman, I thought I would share an old post.  When I first got started blogging, I guest blogged on my daughter’s blog.  This is a post from August 13, 2013, that I … Continue reading

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