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Full of memories…..

Everyone has things that they can’t live without.  These days it seems that they are all electronic, lol.  Heaven forbid you lose your phone, most of the adults I know have their life on those phones.  What is the first … Continue reading

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Promise Kept…..

Thank you to my granddaughter, Keegan!  She reminded me that I owed her for an agreement we made in October.  This reminder couldn’t have come at a better time.  It had been a really tough couple weeks and it provided … Continue reading

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Halloween Highlights…..

The only thing about Halloween that I like is our daughter Maureen, her husband Kevin, and the grandkids!  It is their favorite holiday, hands down.  They decorate for Halloween outside, the way I decorate for Christmas inside.  It is truly … Continue reading

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Layed out…..

As I started to lay out all the components on my mosaic bench, I started to worry I didn’t have enough puzzle pieces to complete the main design!  My panic slowly was alleviated as the design came together. Now the … Continue reading

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Too Pooped to Pop!…..

I have just finished a two week stint watching my Grandkids while their Dad was away on business.  I am so pooped.  My daughter would get them to school every day and I would have them after school until around … Continue reading

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Lucky Leprechaun…..

Lucky, my leprechaun candy jar topper needed a hat before he was finished.  I also had wanted to add ears, but it didn’t add to his look, it detracted.  I gathered a piece of card stock cardboard, I bring them … Continue reading

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Luck of the Irish…..

It is so nice to be back in the swing of things.  I was going to say the land of the living, but that sounded so inappropriate!  It has been exactly 3 months since my Pop passed away.  The desire … Continue reading

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Jar Continuity…..

So far I have gotten my Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Easter jar toppers finished for my mason jar candy dish.  I have talked about getting more of them done so I could change them out for all the seasons of the … Continue reading

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Okay, truth be told……

My family feels that I wasn’t truthful enough about my “obsessions” he he he.  They feel that I omitted a rather large one.  While yeah, I admitted to my yellowman infatuation, I didn’t come clean with the other blind spot … Continue reading

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Work and ceramic orders have been all I have had time for lately.  I am not complaining, truly.  I love to be busy and productive.  I do miss having time to play though.  While I am taking this break from … Continue reading

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