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Ideas strike at the weirdest times, I tell ya.   Very inconvenient when you are in the middle of traffic, or showering, or at the movie theatre.  The notepad in my purse is completely unhelpful in those situations.  Just once … Continue reading

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Bird watching…..

In January, I came down with pneumonia.  I found the sunniest location and set up for the day.  I gathered all the tools of the trade; needles, thread, fabric, scissors, etc. a warm blanket, cell phone (so I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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Fit the bill…..

Steven and I are finally enjoying the empty nest syndrome!  All those events that your parents never told you were taking place after everyone left, are now in effect!  You know what I mean!  The lounging on the couch watching … Continue reading

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Creature comforts……

Gosh, it must be 7 years ago, I made Steven stop and pick up 2 very miserable looking metal chairs.  They had been abandoned on the side of the road.  Poor things had been in a fire, the plastic webbing … Continue reading

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Ohhh, you better watch out……

You better not cry…….. Yeah, Christmas is everywhere and we haven’t even gotten to Trick or Treat yet.  When I went back to work full time, geez that was in March, I knew being back in the retail arena Christmas … Continue reading

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Rusty but never forgotten……

Don’t you just love it when a plan starts to come together?  I certainly get very excited when my latest project starts to transform and actually look like I had imagined it would!  My rusty old canning jar rims are … Continue reading

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What do I do with it now?……

I love broken odds and ends.  Weird? hmmmm yeah it is to quite a few people.  I just have a really hard time discarding run down, broken, or distressed items.  Our kids now call and ask if I would like … Continue reading

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