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A New Stamp…..

Amazing how far behind we can fall in such a short time!  Steven started to finish our backyard patio over 3 years ago.  He made a huge dent in our large yard at that time.  We were sure that the following … Continue reading

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I’m finally done!…..

This is the heaviest afghan I have made to date.  The size is more like a lap blanket, twice as long as it is wide.  Perfect though for a cozy quiet bout of reading on a cold winter day!  I … Continue reading

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It’s coming back…..

While working in my room, an idea kept interrupting my current project.   Deciding to finish up the glazing I was working on, I just let the inspiration just simmer on the back burner.  This idea was very persistent too, … Continue reading

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A Braid in Time…..

Success, sweet and satisfying!  The braids have now been assembled, well all but one of them anyway.  The assembly was easy I guess, only one problem.  I forgot to count how many folds in my braids, you know so that they … Continue reading

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