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Ahead of time…..

Free time, spare time, or fun time?  I took all three of those times and rolled them into one, and created MY time.  I just had to have a break from just about everything this last month.  So, I got … Continue reading

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And On With The Show…..

Saturday came together perfectly.  We had a mad dash to the finish line, due to a torrential rain storm that came into town on Thursday!  Venue changed in a snap, luckily they found an alternate gathering place.  The bride and groom … Continue reading

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Easy Breezy…..

Check it out!  The doors have been washed and dried.  Steven has lifted them into their supports.  What would I do without him?  He has always been able to bring to life all of the accessories I’ve needed.  He’s done it … Continue reading

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Just Smiley…..

We were so lucky to have customers who became friends over the years.  We still cast for some of them every once in a while.  One of them I hear from every July.   He is a veteran Little League … Continue reading

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In the Home Stretch…..

We had some lovely fall showers over the weekend.  Yahoo, I didn’t have to water.  On the other hand I worried that the water would lay over all my lovely sunflowers as they started to bloom.  A conundrum indeed. During … Continue reading

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It’s all in the timing…..

Those wonderful doors will be the backdrop in which the ceremony will be performed in front of.  We needed them to be a darker color due to the event tent being white.  Brown is such a rich, earthy, warm color. … Continue reading

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I love creative challenges.  There is so much fun in reinventing and improving on an already existing item.  This time around though, there is a whole lot more on the line!  My challenges have been for myself usually, or for … Continue reading

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Ready to Display

Hobby Lobby has been my best friend of late.  I have to go all the way to Sacramento to shop there though. Oh well, that is where Colleen lives so, bonus!  Our last visit to Colleen’s we took a gander at Hobby … Continue reading

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